Sabino Canyon- Seven Falls

On the way to Seven Falls (Photo Cred: Lisa Vollen)

Last school year, I traveled to the ever so popular, Sabino Canyon.  This time around, I went to the popular hike called “Seven Falls.”  I must say, this is one of the best hikes I’ve been on in Tucson!  The destination is definitely worth the hike.  The name “Seven Falls” comes from the seven waterfalls you see at the destination of the hike.  There are waterfalls that seemingly are stacked onto each other as you hike down.  The trail (at least the one I was on) gives you a nice elevated view of the waterfalls and gives you an overall sense for what your in for.

A glimpse of Seven Falls (Photo Cred: Lisa Vollen)

The hike is about 8 miles there and back, so it’s a little bit longer than the hikes I’ve been doing in recent past, but visually is probably the most appealing.  It’s not just walking on some pavement then to a trail that winds every now and again.  But, the hike brings you to some elevated ground, which gives you a different perspective to the natural environment you were in.

The Arizona Sierra Club Tucson Trail’s guide has more information about the hike here.

We made it!


Taking a breather, eating a sandwich. (Photo Cred: Lisa Vollen)


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