Hiking “Wishlist”- Grand Canyon

Due to my workload this weekend (and the Bears vs. Packers game), I was unable to go on any excursion this weekend.  So, here’s the start of my “wishlist” of hikes in Arizona.  The first installment is the world reknown, Grand Canyon.  In my 22 years of life, regrettably I have never been to the Grand Canyon and I’ve been in this state for more than 4 years.  I’ve heard story after story about how amazing and eye-popping the sights at the Grand Canyon are.

This youtube video really shows the beauty of the Grand Canyon, but still, I feel like there is nothing like being there.  On my hiking “wishlist” I would love to camp at the Grand Canyon for a weekend, so I’m not just there for a couple hours, then drive back home.  I want to get the full experience of the Grand Canyon.  Camping there with all my friends and everybody would be the best camping trip in my opinion.  I want to go up there when the weather cools down a little because there is nothing worse then waking up in a tent that seems to have become an oven over night.  Well, I better get planning on the Grand Canyon camping trip!


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