Hiking “Wishlist”- Jackson Hole, WY

This is a trip I have always wanted to go on.  I’ve had many friends go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and come back telling me how great it is.  The idea first sparked in my brain because it is a great destination for skiers/snowboarders.  I love snowboarding, there are not many feelings greater than being on top of a mountain and riding down for the next half hour.  With that said, if I were to go to Jackson Hole, obviously, I would bring my snowboard.  But, as the years have progressed, I have seen pictures of the scenery and everything in Jackson Hole and I see how truly beautiful it is.  A trip in the winter time, would mean that I would be able to ride, but not be able to really do the outdoorsy stuff I have grown to love.

The valley of Jackson Hole, provides not only hiking trails, but rivers for fishing, kayaking and rafting, as the video above shows.  I have gone white water rafting before in Aspen, CO, but I was a little too young to really appreciate the vacation my family and I took.  It was a great time, but I have always wanted to go white water rafting again, but this time in more raging waters.  The clip of the white water rafting in the video above, looked like such a great time!  There would be nothing better then to have all my buddies in the raft, taking on some intense river.

The hiking in Jackson Hole looks absolutely breathtaking.  The backdrop of the mountains, the tall grass and flowers, and the wildlife combine for beautiful scenery.  Isn’t that what you look for in hiking?  What’s a hike if it’s nothing too special to look at?  Jackson Hole is a little different then what I’ve posted here on this blog, because mainly it has been located in Arizona.  But, at times, I really do miss all the green on my hikes.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the desert, but being a Midwest kid, as weird as it sounds, I miss the grass.  It’s refreshing to lay down and look at the sky on some fresh grass.  Hopefully someday, I’ll be laying down looking up at the sky in Jackson Hole, WY.


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