Colorado Trip

Me hanging right by the edge of a mountain with my friend Craig in Boulder, CO.

This past year, I went to Boulder, Colorado with some of my friends.  The reason I’m posting this, is to show all of you people who have never been to Colorado before, how beautiful of a place it is!  I stayed in Boulder for a week at on one of my friend’s couch.  I met three of my other buddies up there, who all stayed on the couches too.  Yes, there were four men on two couches for a week straight.  How did it work?  I will never know.  The use of chairs and tables assisted us in the luxury of having your feet up.  Yes, having your feet up was a luxury for the week, haha.

Anyways, we went on some hikes and sight seeing spots when we were there.  The majority of our sight seeing was not too far from where we were staying.  It was probably a half hour drive or 45 min drive at most.  When your driving up a mountain there, it seems like your never going to stop going up.  It’s insane.  Once you get out of the car and walk out to see the view, I guarantee you will be amazed at what you see.

Climbing back up the side of the mountain in Boulder, CO with my friend Tim.

You feel like a king on top of the world.  In the picture above, I’m probably about 5 feet or so from the edge.  It was amazing.  I’m sitting on this rock that was shaped kind of like a toilet.  It was the perfect seat on the rock, right on the edge of the mountain.

If you’re thinking about making a trip to Colorado, I highly recommend it.  I have been to Boulder, Aspen, Beaver Creek, and many other mountains in Colorado and they are all so unique and beautiful.  Colorado has to be one of my favorite places in the country, for obvious reasons.  The scenery is absolutely breathtaking.  The best part about it is that you can have a great time year round.  If you don’t mind the cold weather, the winter time is great for people who love to ski and snowboard.  Snowboarding in the mountains is second to none in my book.  The environment you are surrounded in, in itself is what makes it seem so surreal.  Also, the mass amounts of different mountains you can go to in the state really add diversity to your trip.  With certain lift ticket passes, you can hit up 2 to 3 mountains in a day or two if you really wanted.  Personally, I like to stay on one mountain, generally, each day.  That way you really navigate your way around the mountain and find little trails and such in the back country that you normally wouldn’t find in just a couple of hours.  If you’re on the fence about making a trip to Colorado, take my advice, and book your tickets now!

The Chicago boys enjoying the mountain scenery. A trip to remember.


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