Pontatoc Ridge Trail- Tucson, AZ

Early morning hike on Saturday. The sun is out on the Pontatoc Ridge Trail in Tucson, AZ.

6:30 A.M.–  Saturday morning came faster then expected, especially when you don’t get to sleep until about 2:30, but that’s a solid 4 hours.  Pontatoc Ridge Trail is my latest endeavor to add to my list.  Waking up was difficult, but when isn’t it, right?  This morning I was excited to hike a new trail, and of course, get some McDonald’s breakfast, which for me is always a blessing.

The trail begins at the same trail as “Finger Rock,” but veers off of the trail that leads you to the Pontatoc Ridge Trail.  The commute there wasn’t bad at all.  I just shot straight up Oracle Rd to Ina, then Ina to Skyline, then Alvernon and I was at the head of the trail.  The trail itself wasn’t too confusing, however at certain “forks” in the trail I had to stop, look and think to where I should head next, but that’s all a part of hiking!  The morning time brought

A little glimpse of "Finger Rock." This is the view from the bottom of the trail.

cooler air, but this morning seemed a little hotter then average.  It didn’t bother me too much, because most of the hike up was shaded.  The hike up was seemingly more difficult then the hike down.  It wasn’t too steep in most parts of the trail, but there were definitely regions of the hike that were a little difficult because of the flat rock surfaces.

The closer I got to the top, the hotter and later in the day it got.  At this point, I started regretting the sausage mcmuffin, hash brown and medium iced coffee.  I took breaks every now and again, if there was a nice view and a shady spot to sit, that had my name all over it.  At this time, I noticed there really weren’t that many people out on the trail as I usually do.  When I hike up at Sabino Canyon, even really early in the morning I seem to see a lot more hikers, runners, bikers, etc.  But, I liked that about this trail, there weren’t many people out on the mountain, but isn’t that a part of why we hike anyway, to get away from all the people, televisions, computers and cell phones?

A cactus I almost walked into. Thought it was interesting looking, however, I don't know what the name of this cactus is.

So, I don’t think I made it to the “top” of the actual Pontatoc Ridge.  But, I made it to a spot where I could see seemingly most of Tucson and had a great view.  I hung out at the “top” for a little while, but decided to climb onto this higher part of the mountain.  It was an even nicer view of Tucson and I really enjoyed this view. The hike down was a piece of cake, it was all down hill.  Overall, this hike was definitely worth it and I highly recommend it to anyone.  The great thing about this hike is that it’s easy enough for anyone who wants to hike, but it’s not just walking on a pavement pathway.  So, if you’re looking for a hike that has great views, won’t be too difficult, and not just glorified walking, then this is the trail for you.

I haven’t been on a hike in what seems like a long time.  This hike definitely got me back into the groove of things, so check back next week to see where my travels have brought me.  Now, go have an adventure of your own!

A shot of the "top" of my hike. Get on my level.


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