San Xavier del Bac Mission

Front view of the San Xavier del Bac Mission, also known as the "White Dove of the Desert."

The San Xavier del Bac Mission is a historical landmark, located in the backyard of Tucson.  According to their website, it is the oldest intact European structure in Arizona.

I visited the San Xavier Mission this past week and was amazed by how old, yet how preserved it really was.  Walking up to it, knowing how long ago this place was built definitely made me step back and really appreciate this fine piece of work.  It was bigger than I originally thought, as I saw some pictures of it before.  As I went inside the church, the artwork immediately caught my eye.  Artwork covered the walls, and portions of the ceiling as well.

Inside of the church. The ceilings and walls were covered with artwork.

The tall dome like ceilings were amazing to look up, but I was super bummed because a lot of the pictures I took of the inside were blurry because of the lighting inside.  So sorry for not showing you a lot of the inside!

In addition to the church, there is also a museum and a school at the San Xavier Mission.  I took a tour in the museum portion of the mission, which gave me a lot of information about the history.  The museum showed artifacts from the church that were 200 years old!  It’s mind blowing to me that they have been able to preserve a lot of the artifacts in the museum for this long, and I hope they can continue to do this for years to come.

For any of you in Tucson, I definitely recommend checking out this National Historic Landmark.  Its located 9 miles south of the downtown area, just off the Interstate 19.  Take Exit 92 (San Xavier Rd) and then follow the signs to the Mission, according to their website.

View of the courtyard at the Mission.


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