Pena Blanca Lake

This weekend (Homecoming weekend) I was unable to hike/travel anywhere here in Tucson.  So, I’d like to share with you guys a place where I eventually want to go before I graduate, in a about a month or so.  I’d like to go to Pena Blanca Lake, near Nogales, AZ.  I bought a fishing pole in the beginning of the semester and have only used it once!  I need to get out to the calm lake, and catch some fish ASAP.

One of my professors, Jay, told me about Pena Blanca Lake and has caught my attention and interest.  However, I hope I make it out there before it gets too cold for the fish.  Being from Chicago, I know how cold it can get by the lakefront, but it should be less crowded as the temperature drops.

The lake is approximately 49 acres in the Pajarito Mountain foothills.  Communities from Nogales and Mexico enjoy the recreational activities the lake has to offer.  Pena Blanca Lake was built in 1957 by the Arizona Fish and Game Department, which is open year round, according to the USDA Forest Service website.

Hopefully my travels can bring me to Pena Blanca Lake.  My time here in Arizona is coming to an end soon, which is crazy to me.  So, I hope I can see a lot of the state that I have yet to explore.  Tune in next week.  Thanks for reading and live it up!


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