Wrap Up

So, the end of my course, Borderbeat, is upon us, but this doesn’t necessarily mean my blog is completely done for.  I will be living in the desert till I graduate, which is December 16 and I definitely plan on going on some more hikes before that time.  So, I will post my pictures and thoughts about the trail.

I want to thank everyone who has been reading my blog, as it’s been my pleasure to give you guys a glimpse of what Tucson has to offer.  This blog began as a class assignment, but for me became more than that.  I received compliments from friends and family on my blog, so it became something I took pride in posting every week.  It urged me to get outside and show people the outdoors and a glimpse of the desert.  Not many people know the beauty of the desert, or simply even know what it looks like.  But I tried to offer a variety of different places in Tucson, which my friends, family, and strangers could look at and read about.  I think pictures definitely were something that brought my blog together.  With no visual aspect, my blog would be bland and not really worth reading.

Tucson is a beautiful place, the mountains have always attracted me, so living in Tucson for 4 1/2 years was no different.   Every chance I get to go up there, I take it.  Granted, gas money isn’t always there, so I have to spare my opportunities at times, but this has been one of the best class “assignments” I have had in my collegiate career.  I’m glad I could share my adventures with many of you and thanks again for reading!  I still plan on going hiking before I graduate so please do check back again for more posts.  Go have an adventure of your own!


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